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Shadow Light Tarot Deck
Shadow Light Tarot is an 88 card Hand Illustrated Premium Tarot Deck exploring the 22 Paths & Four Elemental Realms of the Tarot through Infinite Panoramic Worlds. 

Discover the true balance existing between the SHADOW casted by the LIGHT. ❂

The Tarot Deck consists of 88 Hand Illustrated Cards, printed on 330 GSM with an added Silver Gilded Edge. Each of the 7 Suites form an Infinite Panoramic Scene. Every Deck includes a 68 page hand illustrated Visual Companion Guidebook & a Shadow Light Tarot Pouch. All of this is encompassed within a custom premium Magnetic Box with Silver Foil Stamping.

This Tarot Deck is the first from illustrator Eric Tecce & was successfully crowdfunded Autumn of 2018. It has now been birthed into reality in the truest vision set out by the artist. For more details & magick, visit

78 TAROT CARDS (Infinite Panoramic Suites)

Shadow Light Tarot Deck by Eric Tecce - Black & White Illustrated Tarot Cards Panorama Occult Esoteric Ink Pen Magick Art Symbolism Meaning Macabre


Tree of Life (Kaballah) & Four Elemental Directions (Minor Arcana Realms)
Shadow Light Tarot Bonus Cards - Tree of Life, Fire, Water, Earth, Air Elementals Suite Minor Arcana Worlds
Champion Cards (Kickstarter Limited Become-A-Tarot-Card Reward)
Shadow Light Tarot Deck - Champion Cards - Kickstarter Reward Archetype Oracle Astrologer Tarot Artist Wild

Hand Illustrated (Included)
Shadow Light Tarot VIsual Companion Guide by Eric tecce - Astrology Zodiac Planets Symbols Meaning Appendix Alchemy Resonance Vibration Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Moon Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Art Illustration Blackwork Ink Macabre Black & White Occult Witch Witchy Magick Dark
Shadow Light Tarot by Eric Tecce - Major Minor Arcana Card Meaning Psychic Resonance Cycle Esoteric Occult Magick Witchy Dark Hermetic Energy Spiritual Metaphysical Metaphysics Art Illustration Blackwork Ink Book
Shadow Light Tarot Deck by Eric Tecce - Tarot Card Tree of Life Hand Illustrated Art - Kaballah Esoteric Occult Hermetic Magick Spiritual Metaphysical Consciousness Astrology Knowledge Hidden Lost Mystery School Illustration Dark Macabre Nature Fantasy Planets Astrology Major Arcana 22 Paths Numerology Universe Chart Infographic
Shadow Light Tarot Deck by Eric Tecce - The Fool Card Tarot Index Pages Book Chart Info Knowledge Companion Guide Occult Esoteric Magick WIsdom Ancient Hidden MYstery School Dark Art Illustration Ink Artist Black Witchy

  • 88 Hand Illustrated Cards
  • Printed on 330 GSM & Silver Gilt Edges
  • 7 Suites, Each an Infinite Panoramic Scene
  • Hand Illustrated Visual Companion Guidebook (70 Pages)
  • Shadow Light Tarot Drawstring Travel Pouch 
  • Premium Magnetic Box with Silver Foil Stamping


Shadow Light Tarot Deck Infinite Panorama Illustration GIF


Shadow Light Tarot Free Tarot Reading Online Virtual Deck Custom Unlimited Reader Artist